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A few years back we got flooded so moved to my mums old boyfriends farm. techniccally it was his sisters but he owned a plot of land and lived on it in a caravan so we stayed their all winter through to summer until the house got re-carpeted. the farm was over 400 years old. it had the main drive, a long stretch or tarmac about 40 metres long and 18 metres wide, there was always 5 cars and a massive horse transporter on the drive, his sister also had a catterry on site and that was hidden behing some trees, there was the main farm house which was huge and covered in ivy. it was split into 2 houses, his sisters and his niece’s house. his sisters was the older house, nis niece’s house was about 100 years old (an extension) there was a large stable block round the back with a riding center, and two medium paddocks and one huge one at the back (where i once had a horrible expierience of almost being trampled saving my cousin from an angry horse). but anyway.

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Google Maps Photographs a Bizarre Winged Craft Over Florida?

A mysterious winged object was spotted on Google Maps over Coral Springs, Florida. The image was captured in March of 2011, and it shows a dark red object with what appears to be wings and two antenna. The object is flying over a suburban neighborhood at a relatively low altitude (as of now, you can still view the UFO in Google Maps’ Street View here).

While some have been unable to come up with an explanation for the bizarre anomaly, most believe it’s most-likely a bird or a kite. The two antenna on the UFO could actually just be a bird’s legs, so it seems highly probable that it’s a Sandhill Crane, or another type of large bird. If it’s not a bird, or a kite, then there aren’t many other things it could be. Some suggest tat it’s a Stealth Bomber, but the object looks too small and too low to the ground. It doesn’t look like any other kind of known aircraft, and it doesn’t appear to be an RC toy or even a Chinese lantern. However, there’s a chance that the object could simply be a glitch with Google Maps. Numerous glitches have been found in the Street View pictures in Google Maps, so who’s to say that this isn’t another one. Personally, I’m thinking this is just a bird, but that’s just me. What do you think it could be? Is this a real alien craft? Or is there a more conventional explanation?


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